Course Overview

Learning Outcomes

During the two-day course you will:

  • Evaluate your own business activity in relation to the wider music industries
  • Examine the present industrial and economic landscape as it relates to your business
  • Explore concepts regarding sustainability, productivity, and entrepreneurship
  • Identify new opportunities and areas for growth
  • Create a new product, service, or business tool that will aid the operation of your organisation

Course Structure

The two day course is split into three distinct sections. The first and final parts of the course (making up 1 full day) will take place in a specially-created online environment and can be completed at your leisure. The remaining part (making up the 2nd full day) will take place in a group environment where you will work with BCU School of Media staff and other attendees.

PART A (½ day) – Online Resources and Exercises

A series of short video lectures from BCU School of Media staff with specialisms in a variety of disciplines including: Music Industries; New Media; Entrepreneurship. Each video will be followed by exercises related to the ideas discussed which are designed to get you thinking about your own business activity in new and provocative ways. These exercises will compile into an audit of your business that will form the basis of your activities in part B.

In the online environment you will interact with fellow attendees and course lecturers in order to discuss ideas and begin the process of formulating your new business tool, product, or service.

PART B (1 day) – Online Music Innovation Lab

A one-day lab workshop in the new BCU School of Media Parkside campus, based at Millennium Point in Birmingham City Centre, facilitated by members of the lecturing staff from Music Industries and New Media courses.

In this intensive session you will decide upon an idea for a new product, service, or business tool, and begin the process of building it from scratch.  It is anticipated that some ideas will be operational by the end of this session, whilst others will be require additional development.

PART C (½ day) – Progress and Support.

This final section will be split into 3 one-to-one consultations with the course leaders taking place at intervals of 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months after the Innovation Lab. These discussions will take place via a Skype video call.

The aim of these sessions is to:

  • Provide participants with on-going support, advice and guidance
  • Assist with any technical queries relating to the build of your new product, service or business tool
  • Monitor the success of your new product, service, or business tool after you have completed the build
  • Identify further ways in which you can enhance the sustainability of your business
  • Discuss new developments in the technological landscape which may benefit your organisation in future.

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